I created this website to play around with ideals and keep notes on them.  My first web site was on Windows XP pro or Vista.  Yes, Vista worked great.  All the hardware was bought with Vista drivers.  None of my ISPs at home would allow Windows Server.   So I installed Red Hat.  I don’t remember the version.  I played with Suse, CentOS 7, and I did install the first version of Linux that was released in 1991 by Linus Torvalds.  It was not a fun install.   I did install Ubuntu Pro on my virtual machines and keep them all up to date on security patches.

Ubuntu made life easier.  VMWare 6 allowed for separate virtual disks for each component

/boot : 1.5 – 2 GB
/ : 25-50 GB
/var : 100 GB to 1 TB for web server
/swap 4-8 GB

I have three times enlarged a partition in VMWare 6 and in Ubuntu.  You can shrink in VMWare 6 easily.   I can add vCPUs and RAM and adjust it.  Eventually, I will buy a newer HP Server that supports the latest VMWare.  Essentials Kit includes 6 CPU licenses for 3 dual proc servers and one license for VCenter Essentials.

Server Environment    
Operating System: Linux  
Software: Apache  
MySQL version: mariadb.org binary distribution v11.2.3-MariaDB-1:11.2.3+maria~ubu2204  
PHP Version: 8.3.3-1+ubuntu22.04.1+deb.sury.org+1  
PHP Memory Limit: 768M  
PHP Max Input Vars: 4000  
PHP Max Post Size: 768M  
GD Installed: Yes  
ZIP Installed: Yes  
Write Permissions: All right  
Elementor Library: Connected  
WordPress Environment    
Version: 6.4.3  
Site URL: https://www.scsiraidguru.com  
Home URL: https://www.scsiraidguru.com  
WP Multisite: No  
Max Upload Size: 768 MB  
Memory limit: 768M  
Max Memory limit: 768M  
Permalink Structure: /index.php/%year%/%monthnum%/%day%/%postname%/  
Language: en-US  
Timezone: America/Detroit  
Admin Email: mike.mckenney@scsiraidguru.com  
Debug Mode: Inactive

When 24.04 comes out, I will spin up new servers and migrate to it.   Duplicator Plugin copies my WordPress site and database to two files.  

After more than a month on this site, I added OceanWP Pro, OceanWP Sticky Header, OceanWP Sticky Footer, and Elementor Pro to my main three sites listed at the bottom of this page.  Disable comments allowed me to remove Askimet Spam Filter.   Sticky Headers removed Conditional Menus.  

Elementor, OceanWP Theme and security plugins

My web sites were developed based on the best WordPress Plugins recommended by many sites. I started with OceanWP theme. Most designers say it is the easiest theme to start with. It has great support and kept up to date. Elementor makes designing cool stuff easy and simple.  Elementor Pro allowed more features to be added to the three sites. 

My hardware

My web server and the other virtual machines are behind a Fortinet 60E firewall. It is configured for both IPv4 and IPv6. My web server is a refurbished HP DL360e Gen 8 with VMWare 6 ESXi Essentials Kit. installed as the hypervisor. It has dual Intel 6 core Xeons, 80 GB of RAM and 6 Gigabit NICs. It uses a RAID 10 SAS array of four 3 TB drives for 5.5 TB of space.

How I backup my web server?

I use VEEAM 11 and the Essentials Kit license to backup all the VMs to disk and then to three HP LTO 4 SAS drives. It is probably the most important task you must perform on a web server with so many virtual hosts. VEEAM accesses VMWare 6 ESXi and to backup and restore the virtual server to the hypervisor.

My Sites:

These sites use Ocean WP Pro, Elementor Pro and other plugins. WordPress is kept on the latest release. The LAMP components are kept up to date. Ubuntu 22.04 LTS will be upgraded to Ubuntu 24.04 LTS. Apache2, Mariadb.org, and PHP.net are the core components of WordPress servers.

You will find more information in https://www.scsiraidguru.com on the WordPress components named LAMP. It covers 40+ years of my life as a nerd and a geek. All the languages I program in. Building the coolest gaming rigs and other projects.

Theme: OceanWP

They call me SCSIraidGURU.  I have my Bachelor of Electrical Engineering degree from University of Detroit Mercy class of 1996 with knowledge of cyber security and network engineering.   A few years ago, on Facebook I saw an ad for an Arduino Starter Kit.   It had a lot of fun creating projects with Arduino devices, so I added it to my collection.   My EE lab has 9 Arduino devices and now a Raspberry Pi 4 8GB 64-bit running Raspberry Pi OS 64-bit.   The goal of this page is to educate and mentor you in STEM.    This site covers my life at work.  It covers the Why and How.  Why I do things?  How and did them?  It covers Fortinet firewalls and wireless access points (WAPs).   Programming languages and projects I have done.  How I was able to get VMWare 6 to work.   All the highend gaming rigs I built over the years. All the calculus solutions I solved.  How to build your own wordpress server to host websites like I have.   Linux issues I ran into on my servers.  Being an engineer means you want to be inquisitive and explore. 

Theme: OceanWP

I have both Arduino and Raspberry Pi devices.  I might expand into other microcontroller units.  I am redesigning this web site to be more mobile friendly.   It will take time to get all 90+ pages done.  I have my Bachelor of Electrical Engineering degree from University of Detroit Mercy class of 1996.   I went into cyber security and network engineering.   A few years ago on Facebook I saw an ad for an Arduino Starter Kit.   I had a lot of fun with it so I added to my collection. 

My goal of this page is to educate and mentor you in STEM. I will teach you Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics or STEM. I am starting with the definitions and information about each components. As I move more of my projects into each area, I will expand on why you use certain components and how to use them. Design choices will come into play. I am going to organize everything better in the menus.

Theme: OceanWP

This website is my brother’s company web site. Patrick McKenney Landscaping Co is known for decks and patios.